Reviews from Recent Sessions

Coach Tim Rocks

Tim used every moment of the lesson to guide my 10 yr old son to be an intentional and reflective hitter. His humor, simple explanations, purposeful demonstrations, and immediate feedback helped my son to understand the physics of hitting. He flipped the abstract concept of good batting to 2 concrete parts that involve subtle positioning and movement, which can be practiced and refined with independent self feedback for every pitch. Tim is generous and kind and has a positive coaching style. I can tell my sensitive son already has more confidence, and he feels more competent, in control and motivated to play ball! Hands down the most relevant instruction he’s had since he started playing. I’ve already booked two more lessons and I’m sure there will be many more to come! Thank you, Coach Tim!
Submitted 7/23/2021

Solid Session

The hour with Tim was well worth the price. He did much more than just TELL my son what to do — he helped him to be reflective about his own hitting so he can improve long after the hour session.
Submitted by Anne D., 6/29/2021

Great Coach

Tim was great with my son. He was giving him constant instruction and guidance with each swing! Working on his stance is going to greatly improve his hitting during games. 
Submitted by Tara L., 6/22/2021

Hitting Instruction

Tim was very patient yet firm when instructing Tavian on his hitting stance. his tips should help him better this season. Since we were allowed to observe the training, we also should be able to encourage him as well in the proper hitting stance.
Submitted by Linda R., 5/3/2021

Coach Tim

Coach Tim is the best hitting coach around. I’d give him ten stars if possible.
Submitted by Tom J., 6/7/2021

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